THC a great pain reliever

Components which make THC a great pain reliever

Medical marijuana or medical cannabis is nothing but a form of cannabis which is used for alleviating the problems caused by symptoms and treating various diseases, even life-threatening ones. The scientific researches regarding the utilization of marijuana in its medicinal form have always been hampered due to a large number of limitations on the easy availability of the drug. Some of the researchers claim that there are only a few suggestions regarding the usage of cannabis for getting rid of vomiting and nausea which can arise from chemotherapy. It has also shown improvements in the appetite of people suffering from HIV or AIDS or alleviating conditions of people suffering from muscle spasms and chronic pain.

What are the conditions which can be treated by marijuana?

There is no specific conclusive evidence regarding the use of medical marijuana for treating other conditions. If you consume marijuana on a short-term basis, then the chances of the major and minor adverse effects increase. Some of the commonly experienced side effects come in the form of hallucinations, vomiting, feeling tired and dizziness. The complexities of the mechanism behind the long-term impacts of marijuana aren’t clear yet. Some researchers have shown that although most of the effects aren’t long lasting, the chemicals left by the marijuana can reside inside the body and harm it. These chemicals bind to the fats present in the body and can lead to cognition and memory issues, schizophrenia in middle-aged people, etc.

The cannabis plant is considered to be a part and parcel of the history of medicines for thousands of years and that too over different cultures. However, in its present form, marijuana’s medical usage is extremely limited and can start up a new controversy. One can easily consume Medical cannabis by utilizing different types of methods such as smoking dried buds, using oral sprays, taking capsules, eating extracts, etc. There are some countries where synthetic cannabinoids in the form of nabilone or dronabinol are used as prescription drugs. Although Marijuana helps in relieving pain and soothing the entire body, its use for recreational purposes is considered to be illegal in various corners of the world. However, many countries have recently removed the restrictions on the drug in order to facilitate more research and these include Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Iran, Austria, etc.

Cannabis is considered to be extremely effective for getting rid of chronic pain. These pains include those caused by rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy and fibromyalgia. There are some reviews which suggest that it is still unclear as to whether the benefits are better than the side effects. However, one thing is sure that its function as a pain reliever is far better than that of opioids. Although the marijuana plant is made up of numerous chemical compounds called cannabinoids, those of scientific research include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the prime cannabinol responsible for the soothing effect on the body which increases your ability to bear the pain for a longer period.