Do the disease fighting properties of THC & CBDs indicate that it’s time to lift the ban on cannabis?

Do the disease-fighting properties of THC & CBDs indicate that it’s time to lift the ban on cannabis?

Marijuana is undoubtedly the most sought after illegal drug in the world. It has been rated as a Schedule I drug by the Controlled Substances Act which means that it makes a person highly addictive and doesn’t leave any medicinal effects. There is no doubt about the fact that smoking is the most commonly used ways of consuming marijuana mainly due to its ability to inject the desired chemicals to the body in the least possible time. Thus, a person who is looking to get high and enjoy the euphoria prefers to smoke marijuana. However, it is very important to understand that you will be greatly affecting the respiratory organs of the body in doing so.

Major ingredients of Marijuana which make it useful for medicinal purposes

It is due to these reasons that scientists across the globe have come up with new ideas of ingesting marijuana, especially in medical form, into the body. You can easily use marijuana for preparing foods and hot drinks like coffee, tea, bhang, juices, etc. Cannabis is also available in the form of Dronabinol and THC pills. There are around 60 different types of chemical constituents and cannabinoids inside marijuana or weed. However, the ones which have been found to be useful for medicinal purposes include cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The former plays an important role in attaining euphoria whereas the latter is useful for getting rid of chronic pain. The disease-fighting properties of THC & CBDs have been useful in helping patients suffering from different conditions which have been mentioned below.

Patients suffering from glaucoma can get relieved by cannabis. Marijuana has shown to reduce the pressure inside the eye thereby protecting the optic nerve and preventing blindness.

Some researchers have shown that smoking marijuana can inhibit the carcinogenic impacts of tobacco and increase the capacity of the lung.

It can be used for handling epileptic seizures by getting attached to the brain cells which send the signals for stimulating relaxation and controlling excitability.

Dravet’s Syndrome, a condition resulting from a severe seizure can be treated using marijuana. The cannabidiol reacts with the cells in the brain and calms down the extreme brain activities which cause seizures.
Some researches have concluded that CBDs in cannabis can also help in reducing the aggressiveness of cancer cells by switching off a gene known as Id-1.
If consumed in low doses, medical marijuana calms down the body and helps in suppressing nausea and relieving pain. It is often used by patients who have to go through chemotherapy. However, you should be careful about the doses since higher quantities can boost anxiety and force you to go wild.

Cannabis may also possess the ability to slow down Alzheimer’s disease as its main active component THC has the ability to block the enzyme that creates amyloid plaques which in turn kill brain cells causing Alzheimer’s.

The numerous medicinal benefits of marijuana probably indicate that it is high time that marijuana should be legalized throughout the world.