Consuming Cannabis Vs Smoking Cannabis

Benefits of consuming cannabis by smoking- Are there any? Why not use it with tea instead?

Cannabis, the most famous illegal drug across the globe, can be ingested by various methods, the most common of which is smoking. It is generally consumed through a joint or cigarette, in a pipe of glass or a special kind of water pipe called a bong. There is no doubt about the fact that if you are interested in enjoying the euphoric or so-called soothing effects of cannabis, smoking is the most efficient ways possible. Smoking enables the chemical compounds or cannabinoids present in marijuana reach the bloodstream in the least possible time possible. Thus, the smoker can feel the impacts almost instantaneously and then stop after the required relief is accomplished. However, in the process, you might be increasing the number of risks faced by the respiratory system of the body.

Disadvantages of consuming cannabis by smoking

Preparing a cannabis cigarette or rolling a joint is not easy and needs a lot of skill. The papers used for rolling the marijuana are easily found at gas stations, corner stations and are available in different types of flavours, composition and sizes. Although bongs and glass pipes are generally used for smoking cannabis, they may not be found easily in a community, especially in rural zones and small towns. Some of the major short-term impacts of consuming marijuana are fast heart rate, loss of physical coordination and disorientation thereby leading to sleepiness or depression. There are many regular consumers who have reported anxiety or panic attacks as well. However, if you think that these problems are only on a short-term basis, then you are wrong.

Many scientific studies have shown that the main chemicals of cannabis plant stay inside the body for months or even longer. In its smoked form, marijuana is made up of around 50% more toxins than tobacco. Some researchers have even shown that the damage caused by a single joint of cannabis is equal to that caused by smoking five cigarettes continuously. It is due to these reasons that heavy users of cannabis have reported problems of bronchitis which results from the respiratory tract’s inflammation. Marijuana also has the ability to deform the sperm cells thereby making men temporarily sterile.

It is due to the above reasons that scientists have found out new and effective ways of delivering cannabis into the body without getting affected by the side effects. Marijuana has been shown to possess rock star medicinal values which can be used for human benefits if its consumption can be kept under control. Using Cannabis tea or THC tea is one of the best ways of reaping the benefits of the drug’s medicinal values. Making weed tea is not as easy as brewing a cup of water. This is due to the fact that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main component of cannabis, is insoluble in water but soluble in fats like butter or milk. This kind of tea is recommended to patients who want to get relief from chronic pain and nausea while being under various medications.