Combination of Hot Drinks with Marijuana – Health Benefits Decoded

Studies related to the benefits of cannabis and cannabis-based medications have always been hampered in most of the countries thanks to the associated legal issues. However many countries from Europe and the U.S. have started supporting the so-called recreational drug in recent years. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is considered to be the most proactive constituent of cannabis or marijuana and plays a key role with its mild and moderate analgesic effects by combining with the brain’s receptors. It affects the transmitter release of the spinal cord and relieves the body of pain. Reports suggest that THC also increases appetite by having a direct effect on your sense of hearing, smell as well as eyesight.

Benefits of drinking rather than smoking cannabis

Smoking is the most widely used mode of consuming cannabis and can cause numerous health concerns since the marijuana smoke is made up of toxins and tars just like the usual tobacco smoke. Instead, a lot of scientists have revealed that consuming hot drinks with THC is a better way of benefitting from the medical effects of marijuana.

There is no doubt about the fact that tea and coffee are the most popular drinks in the world due to their ability to soothe your soul and assist in sleeping. But have you ever imagined what would be the effects of synergy between THC and caffeine? There are many cannabis users who believe that caffeine can reduce the effects of cannabis by inhibiting THC. However, the actual thing is way more complex than this myth. People who smoke weed and drink coffee simultaneously can easily realise the truth that caffeine boosts the effects of THC and makes you more energetic, concentrated and alert without killing highs.

Drinking cannabis tea prepared by infusion of the leaves in hot water can reduce psychoactive effects since main psychoactive agent THC doesn’t get dissolved in water; instead, it is readily soluble in alcohol and lipids and so adding a little milk to the tea can alleviate the stress releasing properties of THC and tea. Another advantage of drinking marijuana is that you don’t need to smoke it and reduce the chances of developing prolonged lung problems. There are many countries where cannabis combined with hot beverages is used for getting rid of chronic pain. It has been found to reduce pain, anxiety and body pain which are very common in people suffering from AIDS, multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc. It is also known to relieve of the body of many autoimmune diseases and side effects of various drugs.