Cannabis and the Brain: Caretaker for your Mind

Does cannabis really help in taking care of the brain?

Cannabis, popular throughout the world by different names such as weed, pot or marijuana has been categorized as a Schedule I drug by the Controlled Substances Act. It is considered to be extremely addictive and devoid of any useful medicinal effects. It owns the credit for being the most famous illegal drug across the globe. However, there has been a massive demand to legalize this drug due to its widespread recreational as well as medicinal values. Now the next big question is what are the things and effects which make marijuana such a controversial drug? The following article will let you know the positive and fantastic impacts of cannabis on the entire body.

Impact of cannabis on the brain and the body

Smoking is the most commonly used forms of consuming marijuana but it’s also the manner in which the negative impacts of marijuana increase. Researches across the globe have concluded that marijuana is more useful when it is used as a component of feeds in an edible form, converted to a tea or used with vaporizers. In order to benefit from the medicinal effects of cannabis, tinctures and oils are also prepared. Cannabis leaves a lasting impression on the body by increasing the heartbeat, settling the stomach and boosting the appetite considerably. It also works for decreasing the sense of cooperation inside the body. Marijuana is made up of around 60 different types of cannabinoids which are chemical compounds which leave an effect on the receptors inside the brain.

One of the main reasons for the growing demand among the people for legalizing marijuana is its ability to help patients who have been diagnosed with severe health issues. For instance, medical forms of marijuana are great relievers of pain and stress. Doctors across the globe are easily aware of the fact that cannabis is way more useful in dealing with severe headaches and chronic pain in comparison to the legal prescription drugs. Patients treated with chemotherapy or diagnosed with glaucoma are told to consume marijuana since it decreases the pressure and settles the stomach.

Short-term and long-term effects of marijuana on the brain

There have been controversies regarding the positive effects of cannabis on the brain. The general notion is that marijuana has the ability to get users high and look for new and violent ways of getting addicted to more effective drugs. However, there are experts who completely disown this notion. According to them, people suffering from psychological stresses resort to hardcore drugs and not marijuana. They believe that medical forms of marijuana cannot force a responsible person to a drug addict. The general effects of marijuana start affecting the brains in a few minutes, peak in around 30 minutes and then wear off around two hours later. It does hamper non-regular users’ concentration and attention abilities but doesn’t affect heavy users even after six hours of ingesting or smoking it. The concentration and attention abilities generally come back to the normal state after about 3 weeks for heavy users.