Deliciously Natural Ingestibles

Reduce Anxiety. Clear Your Head. Naturally.

Cannabis infused teas, cider, and coffees - with incredible taste and long lasting benefits.


The Healthier (Tastier) Alternative to Smoking

Whether you’re searching for stress reducers, anxiety help, or improved focus, Mary’s Java carries a delicious line of products to suit every taste. Edibles are not only a great source of essential nutrients and calories, but they also help with nausea – and they don’t require inhaling smoke that can potentially damage your health.

We proudly make our own unique hybrid blend, refined from cannabis oil shipped from the Netherlands.

Our Customers Favorites:


Mary's Java

Convenient to make and easily customized to your personal dosage, enjoy a steaming cup and start focusing. 


Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants, our green tea blend helps memory, blood flow, and is even good for your heart.

Hot Chocolate

Velvety and smooth, our hot chocolate is a warm cup of sweetness you can’t resist, with added therapeutic pain relief.


Apple Cider

 Enjoy the delightfully rich taste of apples and cinnamon, with the added benefit of reducing pain and relieving stress.


Benefits that Last Twice as Long

Eating marijuana tends to produce a stronger and much longer-lasting high than smoking it, as it is absorbed into the body and metabolized. 

Each blend of Mary’s Java provides a convenient, discreet way to medicate at your pace – with a rich-tasting flavor that can’t be beat. Not only do we use high-quality ingredients straight from nature, but we also never sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

As previous patients ourselves, we firmly believe in providing a healthier, tastier ingestible. 


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